Hilary Boyer Recognized as a San Diego County Bar Association Leadership Scholar

Nov 21, 2023 | Featured

Alaimo Boyer, APC is thrilled to announce that Hilary Boyer, a co-founding partner of the firm and Certified Family Law Specialist, has been recognized as a Leadership Scholar by the San Diego County Bar Association. Hilary was one of only 18 members of the San Diego County Bar Association chosen to participate in the 2023 Leadership Academy. 

Hilary Boyer was previously recognized for her leadership in pro-bono work when she attended California Western School of Law, and demonstrated the same  passion for law and conflict resolution during her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Davis.  

“It was a privilege the Leadership Academy chose me as a scholar because it offered me a unique opportunity to further develop leadership skills as a mediator and partner,” Hilary said. 

In Good Company

The Leadership Academy is an intensive program led by an elite group of San Diego jurists and distinguished attorneys who mentored participants to be inspiring, effective leaders.  Over the course of the program, which spanned six months, Hilary partnered with some of the most respected judges and legal scholars in San Diego to learn proven strategies for leading empathetically.  She was able to cultivate strong working relationships with legal scholars, which will not only allow her to expand her professional network but also increase her leadership opportunities. 

The Leadership Academy’s talent pool is competitive and diverse, representing vast swaths of the San Diego legal community. Hilary was selected to participate because of her excellence in family law mediation and her record of exceeding expectations for clients. While participating in the program, she gained valuable insight into what effective and ethical leadership looks like from some of the best in the region.

Alaimo Boyer, APC is proud of Hilary’s involvement in and commitment to the Leadership Academy.  Moving forward, she will put these new insights and professional relationships into practice to better serve her clients and help them equitably resolve their cases, so they can confidently open new chapters in their lives.

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