6 Best Co-Parenting Apps and Blogs

Feb 4, 2022 | Blog

The end of your relationship likely initiated a new kind of relationship with your ex. If you have children, co-parenting relationships require clear communication, mutual respect, and consistency, all of which may have been missing from the relationship itself. 

So, how do you and your ex establish a peaceful co-parenting relationship that allows you and your children to lead happy and healthy lives? 

You implement tools and other resources that are designed to support you and your ex in caring for your children, and make co-parenting easier for everyone involved. 

Whether you and your ex have been struggling to co-parent for years, or are just starting this journey and want to get it right from the beginning, these apps and blogs can help you to improve communication, establish a system of accountability, and stay focused on what matters most: the wellbeing of your children.


1. Talking Parents App

Developed by a family law attorney, the Talking Parents app is ideal for increasing accountability and transparency in your communication. According to their website, they have helped more than half a million families achieve peace of mind through their secure video calls and text messaging system,  which stores unaltered messages to hold you both accountable. This means no more confusion over who said what and when. Call and messaging records are kept secured and can be used in court, if necessary. 

In addition to accountability, this app also provides organizational tools to help keep you and your ex in sync. Their shared calendar, expense tracker, and attachment library allow you both to stay on track with one another, which ultimately creates a more peaceful and workable relationship that benefits everyone. 


  • Secure messaging
  • Accountable calling
  • Unaltered Records
  • Shared Calendar
  • Accountable Payments
  • Info Library

Available on Apple and Android

Cost: Ranges from free to $24.99/ month


2. Our Family Wizard App

Developed by a divorced couple to improve communication, Our Family Wizard (OFW) provides you and your co-parent with one platform for messaging, calling, tracking expenses, and sharing important information

To ensure you both stay up to date in your children’s lives despite the time apart, this app includes a messaging board where you can upload pictures, memories, and other notes to keep the other parent in the loop. 

Perhaps one of the most effective features of this app is their tone meter, which helps you and your co-parent communicate back and forth in a positive and productive manner. With more than 20 years of helping families work together, OFW provides the blueprint for successful co-parenting that’s accessible through your phone. 


  • Secure messaging
  • Tone Meter
  • Unaltered Records
  • Shared Calendar
  • Expense Tracker
  • Message Board

Available on Apple and Android

Cost: Flexible subscriptions start at $99/year


3. Parentship App

If you have more than two people providing care for your children, the Parentship app is a great tool. It allows other family members and caretakers access to a shared calendar, important documents, and expenses. It also alerts you of upcoming events so you and your co-parent remain present. 

Of the many features this app provides, one of the most helpful features are the smart profiles that can be created for each child. These profiles allow you and other caretakers to quickly see which medications each child takes, activities they are involved in, and any other important information that every caretaker should be aware of. 

If you and your co-parent want an attractive and user-friendly app to help you stay organized and on the same page, this is a great tool. 


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Shared Calendar
  • Expense Tracker
  • Smart Profiles

Available on Apple and Android

Cost: Ranges from free to $24.99/ year


4. Co-Parenting Into The Future Blog

If you’re looking for applicable advice on how to best navigate your separation and raise happy and healthy children, Co-Parenting Into The Future is a great place to start. Their blog consists of a library of posts that provide relevant and helpful information to guide you and your co-parent. 

From posts about co-parenting at your child’s school to how to best manage the holidays, you are bound to find valuable information and support when it comes to parenting your children after separating. 


5. Enlightened Littles, Inc. Blog

You would be happy to know that Enlightened Littles, Inc. puts your children at the center of everything they do. Their company began by developing toys and tools to help children understand difficult concepts, such as divorce. While they continue to design products to support children and their caretakers in navigating the confusing world of two homes, their blog provides great tips for improving communication with your co-parent, and creating an environment in which your children feel safe and nurtured. 

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to co-parent during summer vacation, or how to transition your child from one home to another, this blog provides clear and actionable steps you both can take. 

6. Thrive Global: Divorce and Co-Parenting Blog 

While Thrive Global was built to provide companies and individuals with solutions for enhancing their overall well-being, their Divorce and Co-Parenting blog focuses on the impact of divorce on families and how parents can work together in the best interest of the children. Arianna Huffington includes her own story of raising children with her ex-husband and developing a joint commitment to their wellbeing. 

Huffington explains that there are still not enough resources available for couples who wish to live a healthy and stress free life following divorce. This blog is her way of providing you and countless others with hope for a stress-free co-parenting relationship that feeds you and your children. 

Are you considering divorce and have questions regarding your children? We provide a safe space to discuss your concerns.  Book a consultation with Alaimo Boyer, APC to find the answers you need to move forward.